Monday, 16 August 2010


Can everyone please follow my Tumblr blog Im going to be concentrating on that one more now, I think its alot more easier to use and I just find myself updating that one alot more. Its not really a fashion blog, but as I love clothes and fashion, alot will be mentioned about it. But ill also be blogging about music, nights out, friends/family, EVERYTHING! So come follow me :)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I ADORE Jessica Hart...

...especially this picture of her from a pool party at a house in the Hamptons! Can anyone else pull off a maxi skirt, fringe vest and converse?? I think not!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

New outfit..

Sorry the pictures not that good, went on a girls night last night and got the chance to wear my new leapord print Topshop shorts! Love them! The top is from American Apparel, the belt is from Urban Outfitters and the booties are Carvela :)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Mary Kate's Balenciaga boots

I have been lusting over these for SO long! And I finally found a pair exactly the same on Ebay a couple of days ago, but for obviously a fraction of the price of Mary Kate's. They just look so comfy and versatile, Mary Kate wears hers for all occasions and with lots of different outfits, and in summer winter, rain or shine! I cant wait to get mine, they will be worn out by the end of this year I guarentee you! I'll wear them for nights out and for going out to dinner, to gigs and all sorts of events! I'll up pics as soon as I get them guys :)

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Hey followers!!!

So guys, you probably know im quite knew to this blogging malarky. I started because I knew I loved giving fashion advice and letting people know my opinions and thoughts on it, good at writing or not I wanted to share my interest with the online community i.e you!

So basically this post is about what you want to read about, weather it be fashion advice or my opinions on an outfit, or if you want me to blog about a specific person, or it may be you just want to tell me about your style crush of the moment! I want to hear from you :) and please help spread the word about my blog and I'll do the same for you...

Also, if theres anything you think I need help with or need to brush up on, lemme know :)

Peace xoxo

Monday, 26 July 2010

This weeks style crush - Marina and the Diamonds...

I just love this girl, shes like Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry all rolled into one! Her style is very ecclectic and pop arty, if that makes sense ha?! She's definatley not one for wearing boring outfits anyway. I love her use of bright lipstick and shes not afraid to use those wacky accesories! Theres also a grungy side to her that comes out sometimes I think, shes reppin UK style SO well :)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

My latest purchase...

These gorgeous leapord print Topshop shorts! Im going to wear them high waisted with slouchy cropped tops and oversized tees! They are perfect for me as I like pieces that can be easily dressed up or dressed down! They will look gorgeous with platforms and also paired with gladiators or havaianas :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Fail safe fashion pieces...

What are yours? Mine would definitely be my studded leather jacket with wayfarers and for summer, a jersey maxi dress underneath. You really cant go wrong just throwing on a leather jacket and some bad ass sunnies, alot of celebs seem to agree...

Nicole Richies top 10 fashion tips..

Nicole gave an interview to the Australian magazine The Sunday Telegraph and gave her top ten tips she lives by when it comes to fashion;

Richie listens to her gut for a lot of her purchases. "I wear what speaks to me – I 'feel it in my bones'! No, I’m only kidding. When I shop, I know if it’s working or not. We all experience that thrill when we know something looks right."

"If you’re going to spend on one thing, even when you’re on a budget, I’d say splash out on shoes. They make an outfit. And your feet don’t grow any more, so you can wear a good pair of shoes forever." (Richie’s current favourites are a pair of snakeskin ballet pumps.)

Forget the notion of black as best, says Richie, and mix it up a little. "Don’t be afraid of colour – different prints and different colours."

"Forever New is great and General Pants Co is awesome, because they have Ksubi and Sass & Bide, which are some of my favourites." Richie also became an instant Witchery fan while she was in Australia last month to perform highly lucrative ribbon-cutting duties for Sydney’s Pitt Street MidCity ‘Style Space’ ( On our photoshoot, she fell in love with a prototype gold sequinned jacket, which she went on to wear at MidCity’s opening night party – cue that jacket selling out when it hit stores in September.

"I'm a big vintage shopper and I love thrift stores. The beauty of anything vintage is that you’re not going to see lots of other people in the same thing. I like to be different."

"I wear a tonne of accessories. I love scarves. I’ve lost count of how many I have, but you can never have too many – they totally lift an outfit and make it individual."

Richie’s all-time favourite vintage find wasn’t something she scouted out herself, but a precious gift from her dad, Lionel.

"He gave me a Cartier Panthere watch when I graduated from high school, when I was 17. I still have it. It’s really special to me."

"The last amazing pair I found were white vintage Chanel. But you have to be quick," she warns, "you have to dive on the treasure before someone else gets there." (Just steer clear of going too celeb and wearing them indoors.)

"I’ve always been one for changing my hair colour, because you can – right? When I went from blonde to brunette last November, I packed away my black clothes because they’re too draining on me with dark hair. But when I’m blonde – and lighter is my natural colour – I don’t wear much grey, because it washes me out."

"I wear a lot of singlets. I have them in a rainbow of colours. They’re the best because you can throw them on, wear them under something, dress them up with a scarf or jewellery, or dress them down. I like to mix and match."
And the scans:

Vintage Oxfam..

Oxfam have recently added a vintage section to their website. You can shop by different era’s, 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s. I only know a handful of people that shop at Charity Shops, and alot of people turn their noses up at them. But some amazing vintage clothes and accessories can be found in these little shops! You have to think outside the box people, remember dresses can be shortened to make them a little bit more modern looking. Some of the most fashionable celebs shop at Charity shops such as Chloe Sevingy, Fearne Cotton, Daisy Lowe and Peaches Geldof. Also keep your eye out for the maxi skirts that are SO in right now. Get your fashion fix while helping a brilliant charity.

The next generation...

Speaking of Priscilla Presley, another style crush of mine is Riley Keough, her granddaughter, shes graced the cover of Vogue and appeared on numerous catwalks. She's obviously inherited her grandparents good looks and sense of style...

Love for Priscilla Presley...

She is arguably one of the most iconic faces of the 60's. I'm sure when any one thinks of Priscilla they think... Big black hair, the dark eye make-up and eyelashes! She took the 60's beehive and eyeliner to the next level. She's one of my ultimate style icons, and heres a few pictures to show you why...

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I've always loved moccasins, mainly because there just so versatile and easy to wear, there not for everybody, but I just think their fab. You can wear them winter through summer and they go with most outfits. I really love the pump/ankle boot types that Nicole and Mary Kate are wearing and I have an eye on a pair from Office (who have some amazing ones at the moment). I also like the fringed ones aswell seen on Sienna Miller. All in all, I love Mocs!

You can find lots and lots on but Topshop, Office and Urban Outfitters also do great styles!

Monday, 12 July 2010


Ok, so im obsessed with supermodels ha! Their style, their hair...everything! I love the 'off duty' model look, I feel like because there in such glamorous couture outfits all the time, when there just hanging out with friends etc they have a much more laid back/no make-up look, and I love that! Although when your that beautiful and thin you would probably look good in a bin bag, but still..

Some of my faves are; Daisy Lowe, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jessica Stam and Jessica Hart.

Anyway, check out for everything from make-up/fashion tips, to bio's on some of the most successful, well known models from Naomi Campbell to Miranda Kerr.

Enjoy :)

Some celeb tattoos that I love...

Rihanna's chest tattoo, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's cute heart tattoo and Sienna Millers stars :) LOVE!

My new tattoo!...

So, me and my twin sister went and got matching tattoos this weekend, and I love it! I already have one, but Chloe was the type of girl that used to say she would never get one, but recently had a change of heart and went for it! And im so glad she did! Its such a cute gesture :)

Friday, 25 June 2010

J E S S I C A . H A R T / B L O G

J E S S I C A . H A R T / B L O G

Loving Jessica Hart, shes my fave model of the moment, and I've just discovered her blog! She has tons of cute pics on there and she always blogs lots of interesting stuff! Everyone check it out and follow! Also follow her on Twitter @1jessicahart xoxo
One of me from Vegas in my Jessica Simpson shoes! LOVE! xoxo

Website love...

I've found a couple of new websites recently that Im loving!

The last one is a favorite of Daisy Lowe! They have such amazing clothes that are versatile and funky. They carry Wildfox (who do amazing tee's, seen on Beyonce and Cheryl Cole) and they also have vintage sections for all you ladies who love one off pieces! They are a little higher priced that what I would usually pay, but these are items you will be able to wear over and over again and mix and match with different pieces so its totally worth it!

Check them out ;)

Jessica Simpson Collection SHOES

Ok, so I never would of thought to look at Jessica Simpsons collection of shoes, but while I was in Vegas I did abit of shopping and came across some of her shoes in a store called 'Bakers'. I fell in love! I got the 'Georgina' platforms, they are so comfy and look really great on! She has some amazing pieces and Im definatley going to be purchasing more! There are some platform clogs on there right now which are to die for and sooo amazing for summer, and very versatile! So check it out, there are also lots of cute accessories on there aswell :) Thanks Jessica for a new shoe obsession! xoxo

Jessica Simpson Collection SHOES

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Daisy Lowe does 'Today im wearing'...

Ahhh I love her, her style is so original and unique and she just wears what the hell she wants! My kind of girl :) Just look how creative her outfit choices are...

I love this Vogue blog because it shows celebs day to day, not just all dressed up on the red carpet or partying!

P.S Also look how she mentions The Attic in Vegas, im going to Vegas in a couple of weeks, guess whos gonna be getting dragged out of there? Hmmmm ;)

Sunday, 18 April 2010

My Birthday outfit.....

So my Birthday isnt till Wednesday but me and my sister and our boys celebrated last night as were going for a big family meal on Wednesday. We had dinner at Rosso which was amazing and then we went to Cloud 23 in the Hilton hotel for lots of drinks and strawberrys and champagne afterwards! It was an amazing night, I wore a black maxi dress from New Look and a stripe cropped top from the shop were I work, D2 Men and Women. I had on peep toe ankle booties and all the jewellry is just stuff I fould from Vintage and Charity shops apart from my Toywatch :)
Me and my Twin Sister Chloe :)

Moi xoxo

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Victorias Secret.........

Ok so I know they do the gorgeous underwear and swimwear, but im LOVING all the tees on the website aswell! I've got my eye on the acid wash cropped tee to wear with a bodycon skirt for Las Vegas! Most of them are very simple and easy to wear, which I love, and there such a good price! Get browsing girls....

Victoria's Secret: Lingerie and Women's Clothing, Accessories & more.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's fashion choices, day 1 ( UK)

Rosie has done the 'today im wearing' blog for UK Vogue! I've been loving as I love her style and ive really enjoyed seeing what shes been wearing day to day fof different occasions, plus shes one of my fave models!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's fashion choices, day 1 ( UK)

So I think I may start doing one haha, maybe not every day but whenever I have time to update you! Today would not be a good day to start as i've been in my pj's all day because its my day off! Not very fashionista of me! Watch this space....xoxo

Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Birthday dress......

So I went shopping on Saturday to find a gorge dress to wear for my Birthday celebrations this weekend and I ended up getting this lovely black maxi dress from New Look...

Vest Jersey Maxi Dress - Dresses - Womens New Look

I have to say it looks better in real life than on the website, the fit is gorgeous and it shows all the right curves off! Im going to wear it with my lil fur shrug or my leather jacket (depending on the weather) and hippie hair and lots of mix match jewellery! At £15 I think it was an excellent buy :)

Monday, 22 March 2010


Ok, so im following Harley Vierra-Newton on Twitter and the other day she tweeted saying the first 20 people to tweet her back with their email addresses would win a special customized blotting paper compact, designed by Harley herself for Dior! And luckily I won one! Im one of the lucky few that have one as there not being sold in stores. The design is really cool and with summer coming up the blotting papers will be very handy! Thanks Harley :)

New purchase...

Well not exactly new but I've just not had a chance to post about them until now :) I got the Ashish Leopard print platform wedges!

Ahhhhhhh they are so YUMMY! Id had my eye on them for a while and finally found them in my size a few weeks ago, there having there first outing on my birthday night out next month and I cant wait to wear them! There also coming with me to VEGAS! There so versatile and I know I'll wear them SO much! They can be worn casual or dressed up, in summer (obvs) and in winter with thick tights! Excellent purchase overall :)

Union Jack bags......

I love ANYTHING with the Union Jack on (tacky I know) well at least it was until I found these super cute Union Jack bags by Chanel and Lulu Guinness! OMG I would do anything to get my hands on arm candy like these!!!!

The Lulu Guinness clutch, my fave fashionista Daisy Lowe has been spotted with it! Ahhh :)

Agy Deyn and Paris Hilton wearing the Chanel bag.

Theres always cheaper options, ive seen bags like these in Topshop and Accessorize so i'll be keeping my eye out and ill post if I see any! Oh and theres always Ebay!

Sunday, 14 March 2010 collective fashion consciousness.#more

I am obsessed with this website! Its a site for everyone who is studying or has a strong intrest in fashion, and you can post pics of your everyday outfits and comment and favourite other peoples. I love looking at all the amazing creative outfits! I tend to get inspiration from this website and the real girls out there rather than all the celeb mags! I guarantee you will find some ideas for your outfits on this site and it will surprise you wear these girls get their clothes from, it just shows everything doesnt have to be designer!

Check it out :) xoxo

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New purchase.......

Wow I havnt blogged for a while! So just thought id share my latest purchase! Im going to Vegas in June so ive been starting to get all my outfits together as I dont want to be rushing around at the last minute getting everything together. Ive got this gorgeous sequin, draped, waterfall waistcoat to layer over an all in one bodysuit! It sounds very daring but when layered with other waterfall waistcoats it will look tres chic! I really cant wait to go and im going to go all out with all my outfits as Vegas is the place to stand out! My during the day wardrobe will probably consist of cut off denim shorts and cropped tee's, and skirts worn as dresses! Huge shades and havaianas flip flops! And my night time wardrobe is going to be full of short dresses, sequins (sequins arnt just for christmas girls!) and tight things! And of course fierce platforms!

I got my waistcoat from, Ive never really looked on it before because ive always thought it was full on market, tacky clothes but they have some cute stuff on there! Nice cropped tee's and stonewash jeans! xoxo

Thursday, 25 February 2010

A few pictures from the Elle Style Awards 2010...

Daisy Lowe and Jaime Winstone at the after party!
The Olsen Twins looking fabulous!

My fave model, Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Daisy Lowe (Not sure how I feel about the outfit!)

Nicole Roberts, loving the shoes!