Tuesday, 8 September 2009

So, I have just set up the ideal blog for British fashionistas....

If you, like me, LOVE British fashion then this is the place to come to feel your fashion frenzy! I have started this blog to show my appreciation to women all over Britan who never fail to make an impression with their style and fashion sense! I love nothing better than to go into Manchester or Liverpool and look at the amazing outfits that all the fashion mad girls wear, as Victoria Beckham said, she gets most of her fashion ideas by looking at someone wearing somthing unexpected in the street, and i'm sure most of us are the same! You will also love this blog if you are inspired by the Swinging 60's in London! Pattie Boyd, Twiggy, need I say anymore?! So stick with me as I'm going to start updating you with all fashion news, gossip and all the new styles and ideas!

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