Monday, 22 February 2010

Edie Sedgwick, my ultimate style icon....

One of the most recognizable faces of the 60's, Edie Sedgwick is my all time fashion icon, actually she is just my ICON! So I thought since im blogging about fashion, I had to do a blog on her right? I started reading about her a couple of years ago and ever since ive read, and watched everything I could about her! Anyone that knows her background knows she lead a pretty exciting, wild and glamorous life, but she had a messed up life before she ended up in New York, and The Factory. She was abused by her father, two of her brothers commited suicide and she ended up living fuelled by speed, cocaine and heroin, coming to her untimley death aged only 28. She was famous for being Andy Warhols star and in 1964 after coming to New York she was named 'Girl of the Year' and appeared in Vogue and did other modelling jobs.

What I love most about Edie is, obviously, her style! As soon as someone mentions the name Edie Sedgwick I think most people automatically think of the HUGE earings, black tights and leotards! She was ahead of her game in the style stakes, even in the 60's! Which really is saying somthing. She was effortless and always made an impression, sometimes going out in fur coats and nothing else! She really inspires my style! So thats why shes my ultimate style icon :)

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