Thursday, 25 February 2010

A few pictures from the Elle Style Awards 2010...

Daisy Lowe and Jaime Winstone at the after party!
The Olsen Twins looking fabulous!

My fave model, Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Daisy Lowe (Not sure how I feel about the outfit!)

Nicole Roberts, loving the shoes!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New purchase....

Ok, so i've just recieved some amazinggg platforms in the post that I ordered from Beau Butterfly, which is a group on Facebook, she sells amazing shoes, bags, clothes and accessories. She has a couple of sales albums at the moment and I got these shoes for £8 (including delivery) did someone say BARGAIN! But even the items that are not in the sale are a really reasonable price! Shes really efficient and helpful and all you girls should check it out! I got the black ones but how cute will the pink ones be for spring/summer nights!

Facebook Beau Butterflyx

One of my recent outfits.....

This is an outfit I wore for one of my best friends Birthdays recently! Just thought I would share with you! I loved it! I got the top from Urban Outfitters and I love it because I dressed it up with the skirt and heels but im also going to wear it layered over vest tops and with high waist shorts for a more casual look. The skirt was a bargain from Ebay, its really flattering material and i'll be able to mix and match it with lots of things which I love. I've had the belt for agesss and I just got it from ASOS, its supposed to be like the one Mary Kate Olsen has, I've worn it loads and it was only cheap :) I also wore my Carvela boots with my mums purple shimmery ankle socks underneath haha, I love over the knee socks and ankle socks with platforms! I had my 'Viva Las Vegas' necklace on which was only £4 of a random website I found, and I have my bling Toywatch on, all the rest of my jewellery is from Charity and vintage shops. Hope you like :)

Frankie Sandford, my new girl style crush......

Im really loving these looks! Shes gone glam rock chick and I think she rocks it reeeally well! Loving the casual looks aswell and the punky boots! I also love the tan fringe ones, I have some in black exactly like that! Thumbs up Frankie, keep it up! :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

Guest Blogger....Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Ok so I thought I would make a little 'guest appearance' on Rachel's Blog and review some beauty products for you guys! Tried and tested by myself.

First up is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. This product has SO much hype around it I had to try it for myself. If your a fan of glossy womens' magazines you'll know this is an essential item in all the celebrities handbags!

The hype around it is definately deserved...I suffer from really dry, flakey skin on my face and this was like miracle cream. It's easy to be put off by the thick, greasy texture (it doesn't smell to great either) but it is 100% worth it! If you suffer from dry skin put this on your face before bed and your skin will look so much better by the morning. It's also great to use on chapped lips.

It's perfect for the winter months when your skin gets extra dry, but is also great to use in summer on sunburn and de-hydrated skin.

It's not the cheapest product... It retails at £22, but a little goes a long way so I would say it's definately worth the money! I got mine from a local Boots store but you can also find it on for slightly cheaper.

Edie Sedgwick, my ultimate style icon....

One of the most recognizable faces of the 60's, Edie Sedgwick is my all time fashion icon, actually she is just my ICON! So I thought since im blogging about fashion, I had to do a blog on her right? I started reading about her a couple of years ago and ever since ive read, and watched everything I could about her! Anyone that knows her background knows she lead a pretty exciting, wild and glamorous life, but she had a messed up life before she ended up in New York, and The Factory. She was abused by her father, two of her brothers commited suicide and she ended up living fuelled by speed, cocaine and heroin, coming to her untimley death aged only 28. She was famous for being Andy Warhols star and in 1964 after coming to New York she was named 'Girl of the Year' and appeared in Vogue and did other modelling jobs.

What I love most about Edie is, obviously, her style! As soon as someone mentions the name Edie Sedgwick I think most people automatically think of the HUGE earings, black tights and leotards! She was ahead of her game in the style stakes, even in the 60's! Which really is saying somthing. She was effortless and always made an impression, sometimes going out in fur coats and nothing else! She really inspires my style! So thats why shes my ultimate style icon :)

Im gonna share one of my fave online clothing website with you, Preta Portobello! Its soooo amazing, all the amazing clothes and accessories you can get on Portobello Road but you can shop in the comfort of your own home, which is very handy for me as im in Manchester! Ha! They also have a 'lets trade' section which lets you bid and haggle as you would on a real market stall. Loving it :) Check it out!!! - the fashion market on the net

House of Holland....

The new House of Holland site is up and running and now has all the new slogan tee's I told you about in my blog on his LFW Fashion Show, I personally wan't ALL of these tee's I love them! I think Payday will bring some HOH purchases ;)

House of Holland

style rookie.......

EVERYONE, and I mean everyone who loves everything about fashion needs to check this blog out! This is insane, this girl is 13 years old and has now sat front row in the most amazing fashion and has also appeared in Vogue thanks to her amazing fashion knowledge and writing skills! She is amazing! I read it every day! Shes a big deal.

style rookie

London Fashion Week : Gallery : Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Pictures from Vivienne Westwoods Red Label show are below.

As always my fave British designer had an amazing collection which she took from 'English Heritage' of course! There was alot of tartan and structured trench coats, mix match patterns and funky slouch boots! Also alot of pink/purple which I love! There was alot of beehive/messy hair. Pixie Geldof walked in the show aswell. OMG I am just loving this collection! I have my eye on many dresses and MANY of the boots! Keep your eye out for celebs rocking these pieces! I just know Nicola Roberts and Leona Lewis will be wearing some of the amazing dresses!

London Fashion Week : Gallery : Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Henry Holland : London Fashion Week FW 2010 at The Insider

If you click on the link below theres pictures from Henry Hollands show at LFW, Henry put Twitpics on Twitter also during the show on Saturday afternoon so I had a peek at those! Loving the collection! Especially the slogan tee's! e.g N.A.L.G.O =Not a lot going on, and D.F.W = Down for whatever. I've always loved HOH and Henrys quirky style. His H range for Debenhams is now out aswell so everyone can have abit of Holland whatever your budget! :) Also sat front row were of course, Pixie Geldof and Alexa Chung!

Henry Holland : London Fashion Week FW 2010 at The Insider

Monday, 15 February 2010

Alexa Chung's fashion choices, day 15 ( UK)

Alexa Chung has been sending the people at Vogue pictures of her daily outfits, I myself am LOVING this as im a big fan of Alexa and her style! I'm always interested in what shes wearing. Click the link below to have a nosey at her choice of ensemble for today and to see her previous outfits :)

Alexa Chung's fashion choices, day 15 ( UK)

Lady in red.......

Daisy Lowe looking amazinggggg in a red lace dress! She really is my fave style icon of the moment, she always looks so comfortable and effortless! She was taken recently at an event in London. Im looking forward to seeing her outfits for the Fashion Weeks and seeing what shows shes walking in! :)

Rest in peace, Alexander Mcqueen...

We lost one of the most talented British designers recently, I was so upset to hear the news. Alexander Mcqueen really was an inspiration to young designers and proved you really can make somthing of yourself if you work hard and have determination! Ive found a couple of pictures of some celebs wearing his clothes, Nicole Kidman is above wearing one of his gorgeous dresses! Also above, who can forget Sarah Jessica Parker at the Sex in the City premiere in that amazing green dress and hat! He was so talented, it really is a big loss to the fashion world! Rest In Peace xoxo